Compendium of Sotrasur creations
Sotrasur treats a wide range of products by powder coating.

produits preints epoxy
The main sectors of activity of these products are as follows:

– communication (telephony, IT)
-military (with EMC and electrical constraints)
-any electrical and security equipment
-medical (fibre optics, measurement devices).
-decorative fixtures and products.
-EX electronic devices.
-smeltery and metalwork parts.

produit peint grande richesse de couleurs

Development of a treatment operation:

-Submission of specifications with a drawing of the part to be coated.
-Choice of dye from the RAL range
-Definition of quantity
-Establishment of a personalised evaluation
-Control and calculation of the surface part to the coated
-Epoxy power coating operation
-Conditioning of coated parts
-Shipment of parts by a carrier or the client comes to pick up its parts.

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